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    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



    I'd first like to thank you for creating your scheduling system, it has made the last 8 months of my life much easier!!! Since all is going well with my business I'm planning on signing up for another year at the end of my term.

    We have been very pleased with the performance, reliability and support of the iScheduler. It has become a very useful scheduling/coordination tool for our clinic. The email response to my support issues has been very quick and results in very quick resolution. Faraz has also been very flexible with his customization of the scheduler, to our needs. I recommend the i-scheduler, based on those criteria, Bob Smith - Boston Foundation for Sight

    I want to thank you for all the help you have given me while we worked through the process of piloting, setting up and customizing our Room Booking Software. Your continued consideration of our issues and rapid attention to problems has made this product a hit with our staff and students. We certainly appreciate your efforts to adapt the software to suit our needs.

    This program has worked so well for us-even our cleaning guy is using it himself and saving me lots of repetitive work-. I used to have to copy and fax all his jobs to him-now he has a wireless in his car and can check jobs anytime. Its just great!

    I've done some testing with two concurrent users and using the refresh button and also allowing for the auto refresh at the five minute mark, like you said. Wow. It worked perfectly. So far, your program is totally impressing all of our staff. We love it.

    Thanks again, your software ROCKS and has made my life so much easier.

    What I really want to acknowledge right now is your professionalism and dedication to serving me, even before asking me for money. Thank you so kindly -- it is greatly appreciated. And, I want to also talk about that piece today too so we start, and continue our relationship on a wonderful note.

    I've tried it on the test reservation I created on November 25th and it worked great. Once again, thank you so much for your quick response and willingness to work with us.

    How much does it cost?

    Our pricing starts at just USD $10/ month assuming you have less than three resources to schedule. We even have plans starting as low as $6/ month if you just have one resource to schedule.

    A resource is basically what you are trying to schedule, i.e. a tennis court, room or a counselor. For example a tennis club with six courts can expect to pay around $30/ month.

    The pricing also depends on how customized and complicated you need the program to work . Simpler setups will cost less as it is less for us to mantain and explain.

    What types of clients do you have?

    Since we offer a customized solution we serve clients from nearly all industries. Each client uses a solution that is customized to the way their business operates. Here is a sample of our clients:

    • Medical clinics for scheduling patients and physicians
    • Tennis club court scheduling
    • Answering service companies
    • Golf tee time reservations
    • Home installation service companys
    • Health screening appointments
    • University libraries for reserving rooms
    • Home closing appointments
    • Conference room reservations
    • Corporate training class scheduling
    Scheduling Software